Content begins in January.

Thanks for stopping in. Mucky Press is about to officially open. The beauty of every website and business launch is that growth happens continuously after day one. We probably all know first-hand of companies that wait until the site is 100% full and 100% perfect before launching. Many companies like that fail before they ever start. We're not going to let that happen here. Thanks for being part of something new and fun!

Helping you publish and promote in that genre you like.

Welcome to Mucky Press. In the public areas of this page and in any correspondence, we're going to use euphemisms as much as possible. To make sure we're clear, the focus of this site is to support authors who wish to self-publish and promote erotica.

Please only continue if you're over the age of eighteen and OK with that subject matter. We will not promote any illegal subjects, so if your works do not conform to the Amazon rules, they cannot be featured here.

Now that we've got that out of the way, allow me to quickly describe what this site will do. It is a new site and for the official opening in 2020, this is what it will offer. It may expand in the future.

Free Basic Membership

Basic members can login to access our list of books that are currently, or soon to be, available free through KDP select. Within this genre, it can be hard to get the word out to readers that your book is available. We encourage as many visitors as possible to take advantage of our list of free featured books.

We intend to keep this basic membership free. You need only sign up for our discreet emails and agree that you're over eighteen years of age and OK with the subject matter.

Outside this site, no references to the category will ever be sent! No steamy book covers. You will only receive a notice when the Mucky Press list of free featured books has been updated.

Premium Membership

Become a founding premium advertising member and advertize your books on our list! Details on the premium author/publisher membership are available inside.


We are serious about the privacy of our members. Many... most authors and readers in this genre enjoy doing it anonymously, via pen names and by keeping their ebooks hidden away on devices or apps like the Kindle.

Mucky Press is not a social network. It is a resource and a list. You login, read its contents and enjoy what you find on your own. There is no mechanism to make public comment. No need to fear someone finding out that you enjoy a little mucky reading from time-to-time.

We will offer an email address where we can post feedback anonymously and hear what you like or don't like about our little platform. Anything posted there will be in a list of anonymously submitted feedback that we will curate.

Authors will be listed with their featured books. If they use a pen name on Amazon, they will use it here.

You also don't need to worry about embarrassing content in your email. We will send very discreet text emails notifying you of list updates and other membership-related business. Most information will be delivered after you login to our members platform.

Our goal is to make this site useful, automated and anonymous. We respect the privacy of authors and readers.

What are you waiting for? Sign up!